LLW hosts lunch for families


November 22, 2017



Ironwood - While there's always an element of organized chaos to school lunch time, there was an added element Tuesday as the Ironwood Area Schools invited parents and grandparents to eat a Thanksgiving lunch with the students.

"It's to see (the parents and grandparents) come with their children, and also show them a little bit what their kids have - and then (for) the kids to be able to share special things with adults," said Mary Hampston Kusz, the district's food service director. "It's just about letting the kids bring family, some kids don't get to do that. It's kind of neat to bring them in together."

At least 190 people visited the school, according to Hampston Kusz, during the multiple lunch sessions.

This is the third year, Hampston Kusz said she has held the event.

The menu consisted of mashed potatoes, turkey, green beans and a bun; with pumpkin pie for dessert.

Along with the food service staff, sixth grade volunteers helped with the lunch - including serving the pumpkin pie to tables.


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