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Wakefield fishing tournament raises funds for volunteer fire department


February 19, 2018

Ian Minielly/Daily Globe

THE EARLY fishing on Sunday Lake did not result in a lot of caught fish Saturday. More and more people kept pouring out of VFW Post 9084 to try their luck and raise money for the Volunteer Fire Department.


Wakefield - The weather was excellent for Saturday's fishing derby to raise funds for Wakefield's Volunteer Fire Department. Whereas last year there was a layer of slush on the ice, this year the ice was perfect for fishing, and it was not too cold either.

CJ Perttula set up about 100 feet further west than last year, but that was not the only change. Perttula was seen sporting a homemade fish catching device, which even works sometimes. Perttula said the internet and market is full of fish-triggering devices that run $70 or more, but he was into his Perttula special for about $.20 of hard cold cash he spent to buy a couple of screws.

Perttula said he took a piece of old plumbing pipe to hold the fishing pole. Then he took the brush off a used paint brush he was going to throw away and instead refashioned it into the lever. An adjustable rope, depending on the strength of the pole was attached to the box and the paint brush handle, making it fully customizable, depending on the desired tension.

Next Perttula said he used a shower hook, which he bent so the fishing pole eyelet would fit over it. Over the course of a number of hours, Perttula said he perfected the contraption. At a previous trip to the ice, Perttula said he missed the first strike, but the contraption worked on the second, catching 50 percent of the fish attracted to the bait.

On Saturday, during a moment of relaxation and eye wandering, a fish grabbed the bait, resulting in the release of the pole from its contained position as it snapped to attention, but the fish was missed. It is unknown how successful the Perttula fishing trap was Saturday. The next time Perttula was seen was in the VFW, taking a break from the ice.

Ramsey Avery saw an opportunity to save some energy by driving his Chevrolet onto the ice. When asked why he decided to be the only person to drive his car onto Sunday Lake, Avery said, "Might as well use the car so I don't have to carry all the fishing supplies across the ice by hand." Avery said he purchased a set of chains last year on discount from Walmart and other than almost getting high-centered when getting on the lake, had little difficulty driving to his chosen location.

As of 1:30 p.m., 9 fish were caught. Multiple fish were contestants for the smallest fish and Lexi Aspinwall had an 11 3/8th inch perch entered and Mike Koskinen entered a 24 inch northern pike. Jennifer Jacobson, firefighter, said by 12:30 Saturday 141 kids had entered the contest, 328 adults and people were still streaming in.

Between cash and prize donations from 133 donors, Wakefield's VFD was giving away more than $14,000 worth of gear and cash, while funding two $250 scholarships.

Travis Bachand registered the first fish of the day, taking home $75 and the James Anderson fish went to Noah Busch, for his 10 5/8 inch perch. Anderson, was a major supporter of the VFD and they give away a prize in his honor every year. The rest of the winners will be announced later.


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