Iron County offers seniors busing, other programs


March 25, 2019


Hurley — There’s a new transportation program in Iron County, focused on seniors in the southern part of the county.

Beginning in February, the county contracted with the Hurley Senior Center to offer transportation for shopping and medical trips to those in the Mercer area.

“Every … Friday we would go to the Mercer Senior Center, pick up anybody that wants to come shopping,” said Trista Olson, the Aging and Disability Resource Center/Aging manager for Iron County.

The trips alternate between going to the Ironwood-Hurley area and Mincoqua.

Along with the new program, Olson said the county and Hurley Senior Center continue to offer an existing program in the northern part of the county that focuses on the Hurley-Ironwood area.

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“We’ve always had transportation available through our bus, but I think nobody really knew what it was for,” Olson said.

Although the programs prioritize the county’s senior and disabled population, Olson said the general public can use the services if there is space available. They are limited to Iron County residents only.

The rates for the trips, which is a suggested donation, depends on how far people are traveling.

Olson said anyone interested in the rides or with questions should contact the senior center at 715-561-2108.

“If anyone ever has a trip or ride that they need, whether it’s shopping or medical, always call the senior center and we can see if we can fit it into the schedule,” Olson said.

Along with the two transportation programs, Olson said the department also has a volunteer driver program for medical trips around the region.

“It’s free to the client but we reimburse the driver for their mileage,” Olson said.

There is also the popular Monday trips to area casinos.

Educational programs starting

Along with the programs to help the community get around, Olson said several new programs will be offered in the coming months.

Starting April 1, a “Walk with Ease” program for those with arthritis will be offered at Gogebic Community College’s Lindquist Center. The free classes will take place through May 9 and involve learning about exercise, eating well and coping with arthritis; as well as walking at the GCC track.

Beginning April 29, a “Sip and Swipe Cafe” class will be offered to help seniors learn to use a tablet.

“(It’s) basically teaching anyone who wants to learn how to use an iPad, how to navigate (the device) — how to create a Facebook, how to get in touch with friends and family — that kind of thing,” Olson said.

The four, one-hour sessions will be held from 1 to 2 p.m., beginning at the Hurley Senior Center.

There will also be a program for caregivers at the Hurley Senior Center starting May 1.

The classes will run through June 5 and is designed for those who care for people with a chronic disease.

“So if they have Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, diabetes, heart disease — and they’re a caregiver, it’s a six-week workshop focused on … burnout, stress, those kind of things,” Olson said.

Anyone with questions on these programs can contact the senior center at 715-561-2108 or Olson at 715-561-3636.


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