Hurley police chief talks bike safety


May 18, 2019

Richard Jenkins/Daily Globe

Hurley Police Chief Chris Colassaco talks to a group of Hurley third graders Friday at the Hurley K-12 School about the importance of bike safety.


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Hurley - With the school year almost over and Hurley students about to start summer vacation in a few weeks, Hurley Police Chief Chris Colassaco met with kindergarteners and third graders Friday to talk about bike safety.

"I love the opportunity to talk to the kids," Colassaco said.

He said he talks to the kindergarteners and third graders because not only are those ages good times to set them in the habit of wearing bike helmets, but it ensures the helmets they get will last for a while.

"We're banking on the fact (the helmet) should fit for a few years," he said.

Colassaco reminded them of the importance of wearing a properly fitted helmet, riding safely and being aware of cars and the other things around a rider. He also explained that the helmets need to be replaced if they are involved in a crash as they don't necessarily protect a biker after they've been in an accident.

As part of the effort to help the students ride safely, Colassaco said the students would be getting their own bike helmets at the end of the day.

Hurley police officers will also have gift certificates they will be giving out this summer as a reward for those students they see wearing their helmets.

The students also contributed their own safety tips, with the third graders reminding Colassaco the importance of wearing the proper shoes so they can't slip off or have laces get caught in the bike and cause a crash.


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