Locals look for luck in holiday 50-50 drawings


July 6, 2019



Marenisco’s fireworks postponed on Thursday were planned for Friday as Fourth of July festivities continue tonight with food and beverages being served in Mercer’s Carow Park followed by fireworks over Grand Portage Lake at dusk.

As the celebration continues, people are checking their pockets, wallets, purses or anywhere else which could contain the winning ticket for a number of 50-50 drawings around the area.

The winning numbers for Bessemer are 6899 and this year’s jackpot is $36,996, up $2,315 from last year’s total.

The person who has Wakefield’s raffle ticket with the number 22718 will be $27,500 richer.

Bessmer Township — Ramsay’s jackpot reached $7,500. The winning number for that drawing is 7278.

Marenisco’s drawing was held in the town’s pavilion instead of at Kimberly Field due to the postponement of the fireworks. The winner who holds ticket number 5962 will receive $3,538.

As of press time, no winners have come forward in Bessemer, Wakefield, Marenisco, or Bessemer Township-Ramsay.

Aaron and Lisa Grey won White Pine’s raffle with a payout of $604. Mercer’s winner Dan Hanrahan had ticket No. 70 and scored $1,425.

Tori Davey, chairperson for Bessmer Township-Ramsay 50-50 drawing, is already thinking of way to get more people involved.

“Next year I hope to expand it,” she said, adding that this was her first year organizing the raffle.

The money raised through the raffle funds the Fourth of July activities like fireworks and entertainment for the town. Karin Cevolski was their number one ticket seller and Davey said she was always ready to volunteer when needed.

Possible activities for next year she said is a night parade with glow sticks and having a fire spinner perform.

“We want to get a couple of family games and expand on what we done in the past,” Davey said.


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