Wakefield Volunteer Fire Department offers open house


August 29, 2019

P.J. Glisson/Daily Globe

A WEDNESDAY open house of the Wakefield Volunteer Fire Department featured all kinds of cool equipment, but these kids were fascinated by the firefighters' protective clothing. From left are Jase Armata, Chloe Armata and Zayden Mlynarski. While at the event, the kids also enjoyed holding some smaller rescue gear and eating a picnic supper.


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WAKEFIELD- Members of the Wakefield Volunteer Fire Department welcomed local citizens to their main street Fire Hall for a Wednesday open house on a cool, pleasant day.

The guys offered a light supper, along with an array of equipment on display.

Among the items on view was a thermal imaging camera that chief Lou Boetto said could be used to track human beings thrown from a vehicle or lost in a smoky house.

"We can also see if there's a fire behind a wall," said new firefighter Bob Lane.

The men also explained the handiness of other items that included a specialty nozzle that can pierce metal or wood and a cellar nozzle that can be shoved into a hole or attic to disperse water.

Once it is in place, "This just whips around like a big sprinkler," Boetto said.

The men also had on display a circular rescue saw, a standard chain saw, and a multi-use pry bar that Boetto assures can break "anything you want to break."

A water monitor also allows them to shoot water anywhere from 250 to 500 gallons a minute.

Boetto said the department's generator, along with a light and portable stand, provides illumination when not enough other light is available.

Finally, the men showed two portable air compressors that allow firefighters to access clean air while on the job. Boetto said the department's annual fishing tournament helped to fund those items.

Boetto noted that volunteers need to know, not just how to fight fires, but also how to use all of the equipment.

Mike Singleton currently is the assistant chief, which normally has been Boetto's job.

Former chief Mike Yon stepped away from his leadership post at the start of this year when new responsibilities of his full-time employment took him out of town.

Boetto said Yon expects to retire at the end of this year and so may resume his role as chief at that time.


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