Hurley scores high on wastewater report


June 11, 2020

HURLEY — The Hurley City Council on Monday unanimously approved a resolution for its wastewater treatment report that received a perfect score.

The resolution accepted the compliance maintenance annual report for the city’s wastewater collection system and will accompany the results to be reviewed by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, the permitting entity, said Gary Laguna, city water manager. After a two month review the WDNR will respond to the report and the resolution.

The city received a “Grade A” for both the financial management and collection systems. A “Grade C” or better is required by the Wisconsin Pollutant Discharge Elimination System for the WDNR permit.

The report noted that the city will continue inspecting and cleaning sewer lines at the rate of 10% annually and ensure all remaining buildings with roof drain systems are in compliance.

The council approved a resolution for an outdoor recreation grant application with the WDNR on behalf of Iron County Outdoor Recreation Enthusiasts. The resolution states that the city is interested in acquiring or developing lands for public outdoor recreation purposes and has budgeted sufficient funds for the acquisition that will require financial aid to carry out the project.

Bob Traczyk, an ICORE board member present at the meeting, said the council had already approved the resolution regarding the effort to purchase former rail grade to build a trail from Hurley to Montreal. With a new mayor and council member elected since that resolution was approved, the WDNR wanted an updated resolution, he said.

Council members, without an official action, said it would comply with an ICORE request to have the city install two 18-foot poles that will hold solar power street lamps in the area of the new parking lot at the 2nd Avenue North trailhead. The council also agreed without action to an ICORE request to add Hurley as a sponsor for a social distance guidelines advertising campaign at no cost to the city.

In the public works committee report, Robert Lanctoe said that a study is underway following a request from Laguna, who is also with the Eagle Bluff Condominiums Association, to post a speed limit on La Blonde Lane in the interest of safety to the condo and apartment residents. The Hurley Police Department is assisting.

In the finance committee report, Joanne Bruneau said the administrative assistant position will be advertised again to include social media after receiving just three applicants for the open position. The committee is getting estimates for new library and council meeting room flooring now that the roof project is completed.

The committee is reviewing design options for replacement banners on downtown decorative lamp posts. The current banners have been up since 2007 and are weathered.

In other business, the council approved:

—Referring an application for a conditional use permit to allow a setback variance for garage construction to the planning and zoning committee. Thomas Conhartoski, city alderman, abstained as the applicant.

—A 2-year contract with HydroCorp for cross contamination inspection services totaling $6,300 annually.

—Open book and board review dates from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, June 23 and Wednesday, June 24 at the city hall.

—A two month extension for payment of liquor license fees from June 31 to Aug. 31.

—One class B beer license.

—25 combination class B liquor and beer licenses

—Three combination class A beer and class A liquor licenses.

—55 bartender licenses

-—Five outdoor beer garden permits.

—Three motel permits.

—20 restaurant registrations.

—Six adult entertainment licenses.

—10 cigarette licenses.


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