Sunset park opens in Ontonagon


June 13, 2020


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Ontonagon — Senior citizens and handicapped can now watch the beautiful sunsets on Lake Superior at the new Doug’s Sunset Park. The new park is adjacent to the present Ontonagon Township Campground.

The park was made possible when the township was able to purchase the property from the estate of the late Doug Filppula. Filppula was a popular teacher with the Ontonagon school system and lived on the property. The house was razed and plans are underway to continue improvements to the park.

According to Township Clerk Bill Chabot, the township has completed a circular driveway and two parking spaces or pads, which will allow vehicles to access close enough to Lake Superior to enjoy the sunrise and set. 

“Cars can drive in there already,” Chabot said, noting the road has been smoothed and there is more to come, including paving the pads.

Next on the agenda for the park will be a deck down to the lake and picnic tables.

“Everything will be handicap accessible. Lake Superior’s spectacular sunrises and sunsets have not been readily accessible for the handicapped in the past, but that will change now,” Chabot said.

At the Ontonagon Township board meeting Tuesday, the board also discussed the proposed elevator up to the second floor of the Memorial Building where the Theater of the Performing has its stage. The first proposal was for access to the theater outside of the building, but Chabot said a recent plan would put the elevator inside the building by cutting a hole in the vestibule roof. Chabot said he likes that plan because it does not change the integrity of the building.

Chabot also said Calumet Road is the next roadway it plans to work on in conjunction with the Ontonagon County Road Commission. He added, however, it depends on when a blacktopping facility is set up in the county, as it is “cost prohibited otherwise.”

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