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Fun at the skate park

IRONWOOD — Bored at their Gogebic Community College dorm rooms on Sunday, five friends went to “shred” at Hiawatha Rotary Skate Park.

Thinking It was a nice day, Shane Ollila brought his new dorm friends friends Jenna Juntunen, Christian Eggleston, Nuski Malith and Dakota Jones to the Ironwood skate park to have fun.

Ollila said he’s an experienced skateboarder who’s been riding since he was 8 years old.

To show off his skills, Ollila performed “ollies,” kick flips and went up and down ramps at the park.

“Ollies “are not named after Ollila. An “ollie” is rick in which the baorder leaps into the air without using his or her hands.

Malith and Juntunen were new to skateboarding, so Ollila taught them basic maneuvers and tricks. Juntunen said she likes skateboarding.

“It’s something to do that’s fun,” she said.

Eggleston said he’s a bit more experienced. He said his favorite tricks are various handstands.

“I’m all about the handstands, all day.” he said as he prepared to balance on his hands on the board and fly down a ramp with his feet high in the air.

As for Jones, he is still relatively inexperienced. While skateboarding, he tired to grind on rails and went up and down ramps.

Malith, too, said it was a fun to learn and that she will continue skateboarding.