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IPSD officers handle dead dog complaints


IRONWOOD — An original complaint about a dog being killed by other dogs at an Ironwood residence has expanded into an investigation involving the Department of Human Services.

The Ironwood Public Safety Department received a Friday complaint from a 31-year-old East Oak Street resident that there had apparently been a fight among five dogs at the house, and a small dog ended up dead.

The owner agreed a Boxer and two German shorthair dogs should be put down, but there was apparent disagreement with his fiance about putting down a fourth, smaller dog.

The original complaint was received at 9:55 p.m. last Friday.

The male owner of the dogs said he had them locked up in cages in the basement and would do so during the weekend.

IPSD officers were then informed by the fiance there were concerns about the safety of her son in the house.

When a later report was received that the woman was chasing the dogs around the basement with a butcher knife, IPSD officers were joined in response by Hurley Police officers and the Gogebic County Sheriff’s Department and its animal control officer, according to the lengthy reports.

The woman said she wanted charges filed against the man and she repeated on Monday that she thought her son was in danger because of the animals.

She said she could not afford the $120 it would cost to put down the dogs and one report said she wanted to have the dogs shot at another location, which was opposed by the man as inhumane.

The final report the IPSD received said the man claimed that he only took out the dogs from their cages to wash them, but the fiance denied that.

The DHS was called in because of the complaint about the safety of the son, according to the Monday report.

The matter is apparently in the hands of the animal control officer.


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