Ramsay Post Office remains closed


April 16, 2019

P.J. Glisson/Daily Globe

PIGEONS PEER out of the front window of the Ramsay Post Office Monday morning. The birds apparently entered the building through an area of exposure directly under the collapsed roof. Regional postal authorities in Grand Rapids closed the building on March 8 due to potential danger related to the damage.



Ramsay - The U.S. Post Office in Ramsay has been locked for more than five weeks, since regional postal authorities in Grand Rapids posted a notice of closure on March 8.

On Monday morning, a pair of pigeons peered out of the front window having likely entered via an exposed region directly under the collapsed roof.

Speaking by phone afterwards from Grand Rapids, postal spokesperson Sabrina Todd said she would inform local authorities of the situation.

As for the building's fate, Todd said no determination has been made yet.

"We don't know just yet when it will be reopened," said Todd, adding that the closure occurred "out of a concern for safety" for the public and for postal employees.

Wakefield Postmaster Drew Tikkanen told the Daily Globe on Friday the status of the Ramsay building is uncertain. "We can't give any communications out regarding it," he said.

Meanwhile, some local citizens are expressing concerns. "A lot of the locals are wondering if they're ever going to open," said Tim Feldscher of Ramsay.

Ashley Babic, also of Ramsay, added, "It's hard on the elderly."

Mail once headed for post office boxes in the Ramsay Post Office is now distributed at the Wakefield Post Office. Other residents are using the post office in Bessemer for other postal business.

Todd said it will be necessary for Ramsay residents to continue using those post offices until the issues with the Ramsay service are resolved.


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