Gogebic County 4-H holds day camp


July 11, 2019

Bryan Hellios/Daily Globe

DASHA BOMBARD plants flowers at the Gogebic County Fairgrounds while attending Gogebic County 4-H Summer Camp program on Wednesday. The 5-year-old said she was having fun at camp and does a "little bit" of planting at home.



Ironwood - Roughly 50 children participated in Gogebic County 4-H's Summer Day Camp held at the Gogebic County Fairgrounds on Wednesday.

Ashley Dennis, 4-H coordinator for the county, said the three day event was planned to offer a variety of activities geared for the younger crowd.

"We partnered with a couple organizations each day so that way we can have some fun activities for them," she said.

The kids started with tai chi in the morning to learn relaxation techniques, followed by relay races, which helped build teamwork. Dennis said the event gives kids a chance to see what 4-H offers.

"Basically, 4-H can be anything that the kids want to learn about and we can base our club around it," she said.

Crystal Suzik, parent liaison for Great Start Collaborative, helped organize activities for the camp, like the relay. She talked during the games and explained to the children that working together makes things easier.

"When we all work together and we cheer for one another, we actually help one another accomplish things," she told the group.

Once the games were finished, the day campers went inside for water and strawberries before heading out to plant flowers.

Five-year-old Amilia Sweeney said she is excited to be a part of the camp because she wants to learn a few things.

"I don't know how to plant flowers," she said as she held onto Woosevelt, her stuffed bunny.

With help from leaders like Jaakob Fyle, 4-H member from Bessemer, the group dug up old plants and planted fresh flowers that were donated.

Fyle has been involved in 4-H since he was 11 because he likes helping out in the community. He said events like this allows kids to learn about a number of topics and have fun at the same time.

"They get to come out and play games," he added.

Besides volunteering to be a mentor to the campers, Fyle said belonging to 4-H allows its members to make an impact in other people's lives.

"Some of us help out with the Knapsack Program," he said.

The program helps families who are experiencing financial hardships.

"We have bags full of bread, fruit and all sorts of stuff," Fyle said.

Parent and club leader Angela Gallo said she grew up in 4-H.

"My grandparents owned a farm in Saxon, so I grew up with that. Then I moved away, went to college, came back, had kids," she said. "And I'm back into it."

Gallo said 4-H teaches youth leadership skills which help throughout one's life.

"When you start young, when you grow up in it - you start being the team leader," she said.

For information about Gogebic County's 4-H program, call 906-663-4045, or visit canr.msu.edu/gogebic.


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