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Plea to elected officials: Just do your job

To the Editor: Every elected member of congress, all representatives and senators, asked the electors of this country for their individual job. They made promises, spent millions of dollars and large amounts of time to convince us they were prepared... Full story


Mining in Penokee Hills was artificially inflated

To the Editor: Gogebic Taconite closed its doors, it says because of the abundance of wetlands and fear of the EPA. Throughout the past four years other culprits blamed have been oppressive state laws and local zoning ordinances, the DNR,... Full story


G-Tac doesn't deserve lease extension

To the Editor: Since board members at the Meet the Candidates forum at the Hurley High School said they wouldn’t have signed the lease if they knew what was in it and Iron County Chairman Joe Pinardi said he was working to renegotiate the lease,... Full story


The time to act against Islamic terrorists is now

To the Editor: Islamic terrorism. 200 girls kidnapped into slavery; 30 people beheaded; 40 people burned alive; 20 people killed in France and Denmark. It doesn’t matter what group name is used, this animalistic behavior must be stopped. The... Full story


Government should act to improve quality of life

To the Editor: The federal government and our state governments need to enact legislation that will make our nation a better place for American citizens. Following are some of what must be done to make America a better place for American citizens.... Full story


There's a side of customer service most don't see

To the Editor: I felt compelled to offer the other side of the story when it comes to customer service. I have worked customer service for 25 years at the same company and I have seen a huge decline in the way customers treat workers in the public... Full story


Home is where the mine is

To the Editor: I am currently a 4th year student at Michigan Tech University and I’m focusing my engineering degree in Mining. On the same note, I’m proud to say that I grew up in Bessemer, Michigan and enjoy the outdoors of the U.P. as any... Full story


GTAC deal is a bad one for Iron County, residents

To the Editor: It would take pages to address the reasons Iron County should not agree to the lease option extension drafted January 23rd by GTAC’s lawyers. Here are a handful: 1. The lease is a bad deal for taxpayers. Iron County gets virtually... Full story


Too many wolves in state to be classified as endangered

To the Editor: It is disheartening to have wolves relisted as endangered in Michigan. It is equally disheartening to have wolf protectionist groups agreeing among themselves that wolves could be reclassified as threatened. Endangered status implies... Full story


Congressman Benishek's 40-hour work week a scam

To the Editor: In his Jan. 9, 2015 “Benishek Bulletin,” Congressman Benishek announced he had sponsored the “Save American Workers Act” claiming it would “Restore the 40 hour work week.” Sounds good doesn’t it? But I wondered just how... Full story


Customer service is a thing of the past

To the Editor: Whatever happened to the customer is always right? I am writing to express my disappointment in customer service in our local area. I always felt that our small, close-knit lifestyle was the way to live. Everyone knows everyone and we... Full story


Send gray wolves to lower peninsula

To the Editor: Nancy Warren, in a recent Letter to the Editor, tried to discredit a trapper of 40 years as not being an “expert on predator-prey relationships.” I looked up “expert,” as she should have done and found this: “A person with... Full story


Locals should manage local wildlife

To the Editor, I am writing this letter to urge your readers to contact their federal legislators regarding U.S. District Judge Beryl A. Howell’s ruling that returned the gray wolf to the Federal Endangered Species List. Judge Howell’s ruling inc... Full story


Wolves have gained priority over humans

To the Editor: I support the letter to the editor published Dec. 13, 2014, from Joe Allen; unlike Nancy Warren, who stated in her letter (of Dec. 18, 2014), that 40 years of trapping and hunting does not qualify Joe as an expert in predator/prey... Full story


Iron County Food Pantry thanks supporters

To the Editor: Once again, the community has demonstrated its caring spirit with generous donations to the Iron County Food Pantry and Treasure Room from individuals, businesses and organizations, not only in days approaching the holidays, but... Full story


Time is now to support Relay for Life

To the Editor, What started as one man walking around a track in Tacoma, Wash., 30 years ago this spring has grown into the world’s largest movement to fight back against cancer. Today, more than four million people participate in American Cancer... Full story


GOISD School Board meets many important challenges

To the Editor: January is School Board Recognition Month — a time to salute the work of our volunteer school board members and to celebrate public education. The theme, “School Boards Lead Strong,” reflects our combined commitment to... Full story


St. Vincent de Paul Society Food Pantry thankful for many who help

Thank you to all our volunteers, registrars, pantry workers, Houghton van and other local drivers, unloaders and substitute pantry workers who help the Ironwood St. Vincent de Paul Society Food Pantry. Without your help and dedication to this... Full story


Elected officials overestimate economic benefit of casino

To the Editor, What a casino would do to this area is devastating. Is the petty promise for a few to a handful of jobs worth the effects of a casino on our community? Thomas A. Garrett, senior economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis in 200... Full story


Time to understand real threat to wolves

To the Editor, Joe Allen, in his Letter to the Editor published Dec. 13, said he has been a trapper for 40-plus years. That qualifies him as an experienced trapper but not as an expert on predator/prey relationships. There is no data to support his c... Full story


MDNR wildlife chief not on right page with wolf threat to deer population

To the Editor: In regards to a Nov. 17 article which included comments from Michigan Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Chief Russ Mason, I feel his comments were a slap in the face to the intelligence of all hunters, trappers and sportsmen of... Full story


Immigration laws need to be strictly enforced

To the editor, An editorial from a Battle Creek newspaper several days ago that was published in the Daily Globe continued the same old tired line that we “can’t deport 10 million/15 million (pick the number du jour) illegal aliens,” which is... Full story


U.S. lagging other advanced nations on universal health care

To the Editor: Most advanced nations provide their citizens with universal health care, funded by their governments. With universal health care all citizens in a nation are able to receive health care, regardless of their family income. The U.S. is... Full story


Performers deserve praise for exciting HIT Idol show

To the Editor, To all of you who saw the Ironwood Theatre’s Idol competition Nov. 7-8, I’m sure you would agree with me that it was a wonderful, awesome, unbelievable production. To see this show that 70 devoted volunteers put on and the 45 youth... Full story


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