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Clinton John Palmquist

SAN ANTONIO, Texas - On Monday, May 31, 2021, Clinton John Palmquist was killed at the age of 45 by a drunk driver.

Clint was born on April 18, 1976 in Ironwood, Michigan. He was married to Tiffany Campbell and has a daughter, Celeste Palmquist, from a previous marriage.

Clint enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1997, eventually becoming a signals intelligence warrant officer in 2004. His insatiable appetite for learning how things worked, fixing problems and mentoring others made him an exemplary member of the Warrant Officer Corps, a membership which brought him a lot of pride. Clint also continuously sought out challenges and deployments, ranging from Afghanistan to Algiers. In 2015 Clint made another career shift, entering the field of area intelligence. His technical background and hunger for professional growth quickly made him a key member of his team both in garrison and during his two deployments to Iraq. Clint embodied the quiet professional, preferring to grind away where work was needed and allowing others to take credit.

Clint's interests and expertise were boundless. He was a gifted photographer, expert mechanic, skilled creator, talented welder, brewmaster and so many more things that the list could never be exhaustive. He was a voracious learner, choosing to learn a skill rather than consider something outside his capability. When he couldn't find what he needed, he built it. If he made an error, he rebuilt it, all while maintaining a youthful delight in the process instead of cursing setbacks. Clint also wanted to share these joys with those near him. He was a patient teacher and worked to show others the pleasure they could gain from being present in the moment, lost in creation. He was generous with his time and energy, helping those he barely knew and touching the lives of many. Though Clint was open and loving to so many humans, he was perhaps closest to his dogs in many ways. Whether it was singing to them, playing silly games of chase or wanting to adopt every needy dog he saw online, Clint rejoiced in the silliness and unconditional love of every canine friend he made throughout his life.

Clint reached the end of his military career in 2018, reassessing his life and eyeing his second act. He weighed many aspects of his existence and made many changes. He was just starting to find his stride in this new life, planning for the future while embracing spontaneity. He fell in love with the hauntingly majestic desert of Landers, California, where he purchased a house that was to serve as a base of operations for his and Tiff's adventures. Clint had just celebrated his 45th birthday, but was a younger man in many ways than he had been in many years. His enthusiasm and energy for life was palpable and those around him were excited to see where his adventure would lead. His wife, Tiff, helped him put on his jet pack and taught him to soar.

Clint is survived by his wife, Tiffany Campbell; his daughter, Celeste Palmquist; and his brother, Garrett Palmquist and his family.

A celebration of Clint's life will be held on July 17 and 18 in San Antonio. Details of this event can be found on the GoFundMe page for Clint's memorial fund: "Memorial Fund for Army Veteran Clint Palmquist" at In lieu of flowers, please consider donating to Clint's GoFundMe, which will direct funds to several charities important to Clint and a future scholarship fund in his name.

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